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I’m starting a post series here tracking my media diet. Why? I consume a lot of media in my day-to-day life. For example, I watched 37 movies in August.

A Typical Day’s Media Diet

Early each morning (during and/or following daily workouts), I typically listen to podcasts/music/audiobooks. I’ll often continue podcast listening through the morning and into the afternoon on weekdays, depending on my workload and the cognitive requirements of work tasks.

On weekday evenings, when I’m free from other tasks/responsibilities/hobbies, I’ll pick up a book or consume film, TV, or short-form videos.

Similarly, once I have free time on the weekend, it’s typically open season for consuming media, including:


I recently started paying closer attention to and keeping notes on films I’ve watched. Now seems like a great time to do something with that info1.

Every month (or quarter, we’ll see), my goal is to share a list of lists tracking all the media I consumed/enjoyed in the previous month — possibly with recommendations and a wishlist/watchlist for what I’m hoping to consume next.

Hopefully, this post series push me further into my data science self-education as I desire to draw insights out of the raw data.

I might also share some asides connecting pieces of media over time. I often notice the presence of threads running through my media diet, like a succession of books aboutbig tech2, a grouping of sports films or documentaries, etc.

Lastly, I’m also contemplating building a few dedicated recommendation pages for content across various formats.


  1. 1 Inspired by: and
  2. 2 I also have Steven Levy's Facebook: The Inside Story (2020) on library loan to add to this list (and my bookshelf).
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