A log of recently read books, those I'm currently reading, upcoming reads, and nearly two decades of finished books

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This page tracks my reading history over the past two decades (since I began keeping track). At the moment, it's a set of lists but in the future, it may include statistics detailing my reading habits and patterns.

Why keep track? I'd rather not go through life wondering what I read and whether I enjoyed it—which books made me laugh, furrow my brow, question long-held beliefs, ask new questions, even cry.

My passion for reading is sated by my close physical proximity to a great local library system which offers access to print, digital, and audio books (along with many other great resources).

Life's too short and the days are too long to spend within a single genre. My taste in books is diverse and my backlog is filled with books of every nature; from new sciences, to authors I've enjoyed, and recommendations from myriad online sources (or via the idle perusing of library shelves).

Recently read books can be tracked via the available RSS Feed.